Wine Dinners with Peter Boyd - Winter/Spring 2024!

Our 2024 schedule showcases new themes and a couple of our most popular events from the archives!
Please call the restaurant directly at 416-342-1906 to reserve your seats.
Space is limited to 16 participants.

SOLD OUT February 19 – Big Wintry Wines – $130* SOLD OUT

In any Canadian winter, people tend to gravitate more to reds than whites. As I write this, it is -8C, the warmest it’s been in almost a week. The idea of white wine just makes me shiver!
This wintry wine evening has been set up with some menu tweaks to feature a few more reds than we normally serve. Oh, there’ll be at least one rich white too! With our food, there almost has to be! But we thought we’d change it up a bit and kick off the new season’s events with some delicious density and spice.

SOLD OUT March 25 – South of Siena – $130* SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT March 26 – South of Siena – $130* SOLD OUT

When I got interested in wine 40-plus years ago, the only books on Italian wines (in English) were written by Englishmen, and none of them cared enough to acknowledge wines made south of Tuscany. Nor did the books written in Italian… Southern Italy was considered backward, poor and beneath the contempt of northern Italians, whom had all the industry and all the money (and who always hosted the English writers lavishly).
So, the explosion of southern Italian wines in the past decade is really just a market adjustment. And the result, in many cases, of northern investment in southern infrastructure and the rise of global tourism.
Now, the South is booming and their well-kept local secrets are secrets no more! And this March, we at Pukka will welcome spring with a crazy attempt to match them with delicious Indian fare. Salute!

SOLD OUT April 15 – French Country Wines – $130* SOLD OUT 

A perennial favourite, we always get requests to host this excellent French Country matchup dinner every year. And why not? The French may not have discovered wine, but their fascination with notions like terroir and connoisseurship has always put them at the forefront of all things gustatory. And this has trickled all the way down to the village level, with considerable pride. Come taste the cool new French wines in town alongside Pukka’s excellent subcontinental fare. Spring is here!

SOLD OUT May 27 – Cider! – $130* SOLD OUT

Straying from our wine centric dinners, we are excited to welcome Sara Boyd (not related to Peter!) from Loch Mors Cider Co. Sara is one of only three Pommeliers in Canada and along with her partner Gary, established the cider company in Prince Edward County in 2017.

Their vision: “We had moved our family from the UK (via 5 years in USA) with the intention of setting up a cidery to create the traditional, dry cider we enjoyed drinking in Europe. Our ambition is to introduce Ontario to dry ciders made using traditional cider apples full of tannins and flavour profiles often associated with wine.”

If you're visiting The County, check them out!

SOLD OUT June 24th – Spring Into Summer – $130* SOLD OUT

SOLD OUTJune 25th – Spring Into Summer – $130* SOLD OUT

Getting you ready for gorgeous summer days with wines built for warm weather.
This evening we will showcase fresh whites and rosés, and light-to-medium reds from all over the world to help prepare you for warm summer nights with friends and family. And maybe one or two chunky reds for the BBQ! If they pass the test against rich, robust and delicious Indian flavours, they’ll stand up to anything you want to throw at them! Whether summer for you means weekend cottaging or just hanging out in the backyard, these wines will be sure to delight.

Please note:
• Cost is per person plus 13% tax and 18% gratuity.
• Dinner includes a four-course menu.
• Tasting approximately 6-8 different wines.
• Space is limited to 16 participants.
• Guided tasting hosted by Peter Boyd unless noted otherwise.
• Arrival time is 6:30 pm and typically finishes by 9:30pm.
• These evenings will provide each participant with somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4 of a bottle of wine/person.
• Please make safe arrangements for your trip home so you can join in with abandon and enjoy the evening’s conviviality.

Wine makes learning fun! Learning makes wine taste better!