Wine Dinners with Peter Boyd - spring 2020!

Pukka kicks off 2020 with a trio of our ever popular wine evenings aimed equally at beginners and experienced wine lovers. Peter will lead a small group of the wine-curious on a voyage of discovery, trying to make sense of where and how wine fits with complex, wide-ranging Indian flavours. 100% Snob-Free! Peter’s thirty years of teaching and working in the restaurant industry have sadly done nothing to diminish his irreverent sense of fun.

Each wine dinner includes a four-course prix fixe meal matched with approximately eight wines.

Price for each event is $95 plus tax and service per person. Seating is limited to 16 guests.

To reserve, please contact the restaurant directly by calling 416-342-1906. We require a credit card number to secure your reservation.

Spring Schedule

Spain & Portugal – April 20th 6:30pm

The Subcontinent Meets The Peninsula

We start our spring series of wine dinners April 20th, matching the sublime flavours of Pukka’s kitchen with the wide range of amazing Spanish and Portuguese wines.
Winemaking in both Spain and Portugal has vaulted quality-wise into the 21st century but both nations have proudly clung to the grapes and styles that have made them famous. Their versatility will delight and surprise you.
Delicious wines, cerebral food, and the informal but informative synthesis of sommelier Peter Boyd… An irresistible combination!

Spring Into Summer – May 11th 6:30pm

Getting you ready for lazy summer days with wines built for warm weather.

This tasting will showcase fresh whites and rosés and light-to-medium reds from all over the world to help prepare you for warm summer nights with friends and family. And maybe one chunky red for the BBQ! Whether summer for you means weekend cottaging or just hanging out in the backyard, some of these wines will be sure to delight.

Mediterranean Meander – June 15th 6:30pm

My favourite wine region just happens to be bigger than yours…

Between three and four thousand years ago, wine culture spilled out of the Caucasus into Mesopotamia where it was brought to the rest of the Mediterranean world by Phoenican traders, Greek colonists and eventually, Roman conquerers. Today, a wide range of grapes and regional styles make the Mediterranean the most diverse wine region in the modern world. And diversity means so many options for matching wines to the wide range of Indian flavours.